Wazo Sociedad Cooperativa

Creative Industry Cooperative addressing social challenges in Extremadura
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Wazo Sociedad Cooperativa is Social Innovation

Creative Industry Cooperative addressing social challenges in Extremadura.

Wazo Coop is currently focused in the fight against youth unemployment in Extremadura. Wazo addresses this challenge by giving professional status to young people from creative and cultural industry to revitalize the local economy.

We are currently in a process of identification, attraction and consolidation of a potential community of changemakers of the creative and cultural industry. The topic of interest is participatory leadership by means of innovation and creativity methods for positive changes, promotion of long-term cooperation and co-development of projects for a social transformation.

Work Areas

Creative and Cultural Industry

Social Innovation

Social Economy

Digital Communication


Wazo offers Creative Economy Educational Programs

  • Vocational training: Lean Startup Programs & Digital Marketing
  • Workshops: Branding, Social Media Strategy, Design Thinking, Digital Marketing workshops.
  • Courses: Design Thinking, Digital Marketing, Co-Working techniques, Co-creation techniques, Crowdsourcing techniques courses

Wazo Magazine

Wazo Magazine is a two-month digital magazine about creativity, culture and lifestyle.

This free magazine helps all voices of project promoters to be heard and all of them contribute to create the magazine.

The focus is the promotion of cutting the edge projects based all around the world about Music, Literature, Heritage, Visual Arts, History, Cinema, Fashion…


We help you to define the mision, vision and atributes of your brand to increase your brand’s market value.

Services: Growth Hacking,  Digital Marketing, Branding

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